Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Dr. Prepper

I did a live interview by phone a couple of weeks ago on the "Dr. Prepper" show on Blog Talk Radio.  I was the second guest that evening after the interview with Daryl Stevenett, the found of Life Caps, a "survival pill" designed to sustain a person without food for days if necessary in a crisis.  I haven't tried the Life Caps myself, but they look interesting and certainly wouldn't take up much space in a bug-out bag. 

My part of the interview didn't go so well, mainly because I was out of town that evening and had to make the call from my cell phone.  The sound quality was not so good and Dr. Prepper had to keep asking me to speak louder, which broke my train of thought several times.  A lot of the questions were about my long-distance sea kayaking trips that led me eventually down the path to writing Bug Out and creating this blog.  If you're interested, you can scroll down through the list of recent shows below to the July 15 show and listen to it:



  1. The Life Caps sound interesting will have to check it out. I bet its a gimmick but you never know until you check things out.

  2. Dr. Prepper is great, isn't he? He's going to be on a radio blog show tonight that I know of. Talking about ways to get prepared for things and giving out advice. The show is going to be airing LIVE at 6pm Tonight (Eastern Time.) Here's the link if you want to check it out: http://empactradio.org/prepcast/ppc16-doctor-prepper/


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