Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ghost Knives Banshee D2

I've recently been carrying a super compact and lightweight fixed blade knife called the Banshee D2, by Ghost Knives. The knife is so small and light that at times I've forgotten I had it on me. If you're looking for a handy, small fixed-blade for everyday carry or to keep in a bug-out bag or daypack, the 6.11-inch over-all length and 1.8oz of the Banshee D2 won't be a burden and will make a fine addition or backup to whatever larger blades you may already carry. 

Ghost Knives Banshee D2
While the 2.38-inch blade won't do everything you might need a knife for, having a small, but sharp, high-quality fixed-blade available at all times is certainly not a bad idea. With it's secure Kydex sheath that can be attached to a belt, pack strap or carried in a pocket with a paracord tether to a belt or belt loop for one-handed draw, the Banshee D2 is quick to bring into action when a folder might be too slow or awkward to deploy.  

The unwrapped Banshee D2, showing the skeletonized handle.

The D2 steel blade is flat ground and comes to a drop point. The sample I received from Ghost Knives was shaving sharp right out of the box. The entire blade and skeletonized handle are coated with corrosion-resistent Cerakote. While you can use the Banshee D2 as is if you prefer the feel of of the skeletonized handle, Ghost Knives includes a length of black paracord for handle-wrapping, which gives a secure, more comfortable grip. The paracord wrap is actually fire cord, with a flammable strand inside that along with the included micro-flint, can aid in fire-starting in an emergency. 

In the Kydex sheath, the Banshee D2 is easy to grab and because the sheath is identical on both sides, lacking clips,  it can be worn on either side and in whatever position you prefer.

My use of the Banshee D2 has so far been mostly limited to slicing open UPS boxes and such, but as small and light as it is, it will be going with me on some upcoming fall camping trips and will likely see plenty of use in the field. I can see carrying it whether hiking, kayaking or canoeing, or riding my motorcycle or bicycle, as there is no reason to leave it at home, really. 

The Banshee D2 is 100% made in the U.S.A. and is reasonably priced at an MSRP of $79.99.  You can save a few dollars off list and get it for $74.99 from Amazon.

If you're not sure what to do with the included handle-wrap cord, here is a video tutorial featuring this very knife with simple instructions on how to wrap a skeleton knife handle with 550 paracord.



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