Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Second Bug Out Book

For the past few weeks, I have been busy completing the final revisions and material such as the bibliography for my latest book: Could You Survive?: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Got Out Alive.  This is now complete and is in my publisher's hands for the final layout and production.  It is still scheduled for publication in February and I will post updates regarding the availability of it here.  I think many readers of Bug Out Survival will find the book entertaining and informative, but it is also aimed at the armchair reader who simply enjoys reading about how people have gotten out of some incredibly tight spots. 

Many of my readers here and readers of my book, Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It's Too Late, have expressed an interest in more detailed information regarding the material presented in Part One of that book.  Since my primary goal in Bug Out was to present an overview of the many possibilities for bug out locations in the Lower 48 states, the material in Part One necessarily had to be condensed to fit into the format of a 300-page book while still allowing me to cover the locations in the eight regions detailed in Part Two. 

To address this I have now signed a contract for another book that will be a follow-up to Bug Out and will expand on one particular part of Part One.  I will announce the specific details of the contents at a later date. I will say that it covers one aspect of preparation that is lots of fun and I am really looking forward to writing it.  In addition, there may be a third related book in the works beyond that, which will allow me to greatly expand on certain aspects of survival preparedness that are usually overlooked. 

For the success of Bug Out, I am grateful to all the readers who have purchased the book and the many reviewers who have given it favorable mention on various blogs, websites, and on Amazon.  Bug Out has sold out of its first print run and my publisher has ordered more.  If you are looking for it, there are still many copies in various stores and online retailers and more are on the way if your favorite retailer is temporarily sold out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Demonstrating the Green Sapling Tripod Cooking Method

I've posted here before about one of my favorite methods of cooking or boiling water using an open fire - the simple green sapling tripod support.  This was also described and illustrated in my book, Bug Out.  

Since I find the method so useful in that it allows you to carry nothing but one simple metal pot in the bug-out bag, I thought I would give you a better look at it in this video below.  I plan to do more video demonstrations of various techniques and reviews of gear in the future, and will soon have some better equipment for this.  If you can overlook the poor video quality of this footage, perhaps you can still benefit from the method. When I get set up with a better camera, I'll probably shoot this again in more favorable lighting and replace it here. This was done on a creek bank here in south Mississippi.

This method of cooking is well worth trying on your next overnight stay in the woods.  I've been using it for over 20 years myself, since first seeing it done by some native coconut growers in a remote coastal area of the Dominican Republic.  And although I say that one pot is all you need for the bug out bag, it also works as well when you're better equipped with skillets, coffee pot, etc.  I've cooked many hundreds of pancakes this way and it's easy to regulate the heat by adjusting the amount of fuel you feed into the small fire.


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