Friday, May 28, 2010

A Good Friend Comes Back Home

Last weekend my older brother brought back the Glock 21 I sold him a few months ago.  He needed the money for something else, so I bought it back from him for the same price he paid me for it then.  And at that time, I sold it to him for exactly what I had in it.  You just can't lose with buying and selling Glocks, and hey, you can never have too many.  I always liked the full-sized Glock 21 in .45ACP.  I seem to be able to hit with it better than with the compact Glock 19 that I always have close at hand.

You can see from the photo that this is the older "2nd. generation" version of the Glock 21, the grip lacking the finger grooves of the current generation.  This is the only .45 auto I've ever owned that has never had a single malfunction of any kind.  I have absolute faith in my Glocks going bang every time I pull the trigger.


  1. I have a Glock 37, which fires the .45 GAP. I really like it but finding ammo to practice with is either difficult or expensive. I had a lot of training on using the Glock 17 so the Glock 37, which uses the same size frame is a natural fit. Glock is my weapon of choice.

  2. I own a Glock 21 myself, but it is 1st year production - was said that the finish could wear a little more unevenly, iirc.

    Like you said, heckuva pistol. Your paw needs a little extra size to shoot it comfortably, but those I know who fit them swear by them, not at them.

    What I have been meaning to do is to replace the factory polymer sights for some steel, possibly night sight 'dot' type.

  3. I have a Glock 26 but would rather two 19's. Thought the 26 would be better for my small hands but honestly the 19 I had before felt better. The 26 wasn't too bad with a plus two but the state I live in now allows only 10 rounds. An extender might help. And I feel like I've got the "girl gun" in this crowd, lol. Don't want to get into a debate about the power of a 9mm not taking down a crazed meth head and all but I know my 26 and it's never failed me ;)


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