Monday, May 24, 2010

Bug Out Has Arrived!

The big brown truck just pulled up about an hour ago and delivered two cases of my new book - my official "author's copies" of  Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It's Too Late

What a rush - seeing an idea I had just over a year ago now transformed into a finished product!  Writing a book is a lot like another passion of mine - building boats.  In many ways it's similar to transforming a pile of wood and jugs of epoxy into an almost living, floating vessel.  With the boat, if I did my job, I'll have a useful vehicle to take me out on the water in safety and style.  As for the book - well, I can only hope that it will prove useful to you, the reader.  Time will tell as it makes it's way to you via the bookstores and places like Amazon.  My reason for writing it in the first place was to share the knowledge I've gained during all the time I've "wasted" messing around outdoors on trails, backroads, rivers, lakes and coastlines.  This is not my first book, but certainly one of the most exciting writing projects I've embarked on.

Those of you who have been promised review copies will be getting them as soon as books arrive at my publicist's office in California, and she gets them labeled and shipped out.  I spoke with her today and they have not made it there yet, as the printer's warehouse is closer to Mississippi than the West Coast.

You can still pre-order the book at Amazon (above link) and get the low price guarantee of $10.17 (compared to the retail of $14.95), now with the assurance that the book has actually been printed (see photo above!) and that you won't have to wait long to get one. 


  1. Congratulations - must be quite a rush!

  2. Our Barnes and Noble is completely useless. The last 4 - 5 books I've tried to order that had anything to do with 'survival' cannot be ordered. I tried yesterday to order it and even told them my information was from their website, but no can do - sorry.

    I told them that Barnes and Noble were no longer on my 'buy from' list, with their selective censorship and they would lose some money - I spend at least $50 - $60 a month on books. Their loss.

    I'll try Amazon - thanks for listening to me pout.

  3. Regarding Barnes & Noble, what city are you in? I know they are a major buyer from Ulysses Press and the book is certainly in the chain's distribution system. Individual stores determine which books they actually stock, but even if they don't have it in the store, they should be able to get it for you from the warehouse as soon as it is in stock.

    My local branches of Barnes & Noble in Jackson and Gulfport have been better about stocking my other books than any of the bookstores in the state. They seem interested in supporting local authors, and I have also done book signings there.

  4. McAllen Texas, way down hard up against the Mexican border, about 60 miles upriver of the mouth of the Rio Grande. B&N address is corner of 10th street / Nolana. The other store near Ware Road isn't much better, but I haven't tried that store - maybe I should give it a try.

    This is not the 1st time I've had trouble buying books which have a 'why do you want THAT book?' look by the clerk. Just frustrating.


  5. That is frustrating. It's none of the clerk's business "why" you want a particular book. They are supposed to be in business to sell books, and the big chains have book buyers who determine what books to order. I know Barnes & Noble has ordered the book, but whether it will reach your store, I can't say. But I will say this - if you can't find it let me know and I'll make sure you get a copy.

  6. Thanks - I appreciate the kind offer. Will let you know how it goes.

  7. Okay, anon 4:55 back. I went to Barnes and Noble this past Friday, and on ordering a book, tried to order Bug Out again, this time in person. It worked (or so they say) it should be in sometime this week. So just updating, - hope to read the book soon!

  8. Anon, Glad to hear they are ordering it for you. I checked my local bookstores this weekend, and while Barnes & Noble did not have copies, the Borders store had several copies on the shelf in the outdoors/survival/hunting section.

  9. I was in BORDERS today, just wasting some time, and I was delighted to see your book on the shelf. There was another guy looking at survival books with me. I suggested your book, and he bought it... but of course now BORDERS has none :(

    Just thought you would like an update on your book.

    Richard K
    Venice, CA

  10. Hi Richard,

    Glad to know they had it in your local BORDERS. Thanks for helping them get rid of it! I hope the guy that bought it finds it useful.

    Stay in touch, you're definitely on the list to get a copy of my next book when it comes out.


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