Monday, May 31, 2010

Example of an Alternate Bug Out Route

Here's a photo I took yesterday of the creek mentioned in Chapter Four of my book as excerpted in the post I did a couple of days ago about unconventional bug routes for traveling on foot. This mostly hidden creek with concrete retaining walls built by the city flows through densely populated neighborhoods in Jackson, Mississippi, and leads directly to the swamps and woodlands bounding the Pearl River, just a few miles downstream from this point. 

Do you live in an urban or suburban area that may offer similar routes that most residents would never even consider?  If so, you should investigate them to see what they have to offer, because if you ever have to get out of Dodge in a hurry, a hidden path like this may be your best bet.  As the philosopher Lao Tzu said:
"Water flows in the places men reject." 


  1. About a mile up from where I work, there is a railroad route that up track, goes near my residence, maybe 3 blocks or so. I could easily travel it in the dark, hopefully dealing with less traffic. Railbeds are not quiet, and stepping on the ties is required if quiet travel is wanted.

  2. Great point about the railroad tracks. These are found in a lot of areas, many of them abandoned and some with the tracks removed, but the right of way still passable. I used to hike the tracks all the time as a kid when I used them as routes into the woods.

  3. I have noticed in my home state of Florida that that there are many high-tension powerline structures, that transect directly through urban as well as wilderness areas. These open spots could offer ideal, as well as dry, travel routes throughout the state once an individual seeking to travel "under the radar."

  4. swampstomper, you're absolutely right about that. Powerline and pipeline rights of way can offer good alternatives to roads, just watch out for snakes if you travel them in Florida. When I was growing up here in Mississippi I used to hike them for miles do some cross country exploring.


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