Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Gun: Marlin Papoose Survival Rifle

The Marlin Model 70 PPS Take-Down .22 Caliber Survival Rifle


  1. Nice little rifle you have there. Stainless steel and composite stock equals less maintenance. Probably better accuracy then the AR-7 takedowns, at least from what I've read.

  2. I have the Henry Survival (about 3 mos.)and just got a new papoose. So far the Henry holds a consistent2" pattern for me with 8 rounds fired each time. The papoose pattern is about 3 1/2" firing 7 round clip.cci mini mag .range was 35 yds on stock them both . Henry is just dead on so far.Maybe I'lldo better with the papoose

  3. I had the earlier Charter Arms version of the AR-7, which is the same as the Henry Survival Rifle. I used it often for hunting with much success and took it on my long sea kayak journey through the Caribbean, until I gave it to some sailing friends in St. John, U.S.V.I.

  4. I have the Springfield Scout M6, in 22 Hornet / 410 Ga. I wouldn't trade it for all the 22LR's on the market, the 410 holds a tight 12" patern at approx.25 ft. and the 22 Hornet shoots a 2 1/2 " group at 50 ft, great for survival.

  5. My paw-in-law has a marlin papoose in 22 mag. I cannot find any info on a 22 mag. calaberd papoose.I told him his rifle is very rare and someone might give him 5,000$ for it but he said its not for sale.

  6. fjp333, I may be mistaken, but I don't think the Papoose came in .22 Magnum. Marlin did make a take-down .22 Magnum named the Mini Magnum though, a take-down BOLT action that came in a small case like the Papoose. Marlin later made a .22 Magnum semiauto - I think it was named the 922.

    I hope this helps.



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