Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Knives for Everyday Carry

Cutting tools are are an important part of any list of bug-out gear, and for everyday use in a variety of tasks.  I've posted once here on my preference for machetes when it comes to large blades for camping, wilderness travel and survival.  Look for much more on that in the future.  Here I wanted to share with you the three knives that I consider essential for everyday use as well as in the bug-out bag.  These are close at hand practically everywhere I go whenever possible.  Each has it's own uses, advantages and disadvantages:

They are, clockwise from top left: the Leatherman Wave Multitool, the Victorinox Tinker (Swiss Army Knife), and the Cold Steel Voyager XL folder.  There is some overlap in functions in the Victorinox and the Leatherman, to be sure, but the smaller Swiss Army Knife is so light and slim in the pocket that it can go with me many places where I would not want the bulk or the belt sheath of the Leatherman.  The Voyager fills many roles from field knife to close-quarters weapon.  In my next post on this subject I will go into the details of each of these three knives.


  1. No fillet knife in the bug-out-bag?? I (attempted) to clean fish once with a 'buck' style blade. Wasn't pretty.

  2. A fillet knife would be nice to have, and is something that would be standard equipment on any of my boats if I were bugging out on the water and expected to fish a lot. But these three are "knives for everyday carry" and so are not as specialized as a dedicated fillet knife. In a backpacking bug-out situation in the woods, I would keep the number of different knives to a minimum and simply gut and scale any fish I caught and cook them whole, "native style" in the coals. It's simple and avoids waste.

  3. Have you checked out the new Cold Steel XL Voyager folder lately? The one shown above has been discontinuted - the replacement has been receiving rave reviews! Check it out and see if you agree.

  4. You're absolutely right. Thanks for reminding me about the newer version of the Voyager. I'll post an update about it and links to where it can be found.


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