Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Categories of Topics I'll Cover

This blog is all about bugging out, and will cover a wide range of related topics from wilderness survival to hunting and defensive weapons and vehicles and boats. I'm leaving the options open as to what I may include, depending on how this develops over time and the feedback I get from readers. But there are a few categories I know for sure that will become regular topics here.

Some of these first preliminary posts already online fall into these topics. They include:

  • Gear Reviews (reviews of all sorts of related camping, survival and outdoor equipment)
  • Book Reviews  (reviews of related books, ranging from how-to manuals to survival fiction)
  • BOV Reviews  (reviews of bug out vehicles, including boats)
  • Video and Movie Reviews (reviews of  related films and documentaries)
  • Gun Reviews  (reviews of specific firearms)
  • BOL Overview (descriptive look at specific potential bug out locations)
  • Wild Edibles (overview articles on specific edible plants and how to use them)
  • Tasty Critters (overview articles on anything edible that crawls, swims, walks or flies)
  • SHTF News (related happenings in the world)
  • Wilderness Legends (real and fictitious characters past and present)
  • Today's Gun  (Just a stand-alone picture of an interesting firearm)
  • Today's Video (A stand-alone video from You Tube or elsewhere)
  • Today's BOV  (A stand-alone picture of a bug out vehicle or boat)


  1. This is a great site with a wealth of info.
    I have bookmarked it and will visit often.

    I specially was impressed with the iodine water treatment, never heard of that one.

    Found ya through Mayberry at Keep It Simple Survival.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good mix of topics, looking forward to reading your upcomming posts!

  3. Looking forward to your book... I found this post from Mayberry also... would love a link.

    Survival Chic

  4. Hi Survival Chic,

    The link as posted in you comment didn't work, but I found your site and added it to my blog list. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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