Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's BOV: Trek 520 Loaded Touring Bike

A Trek 520 Touring Bike Loaded for Long-Distance:


  1. When the last big hurricane swept through Houston and thousands 'evacuated' only to be trapped on the Interstates without fuel, water or restrooms how very helpful a bicycle would have been. You would have passed all the traffic jam in a few hours.
    100 mile days are common using bikes, and extra weight, 50 pounds or more, is handled easily loaded on the bike. Trailers are available - think 100 pounds-plus of food and other supplies. No worries about fuel.
    You need some basic tools and skills, changing flats, etc.
    I could go from Houston to the Texas Hill Country or beyond in a couple of days. 1000 miles - two weeks, tops, with days off. AND carry my own supplies, excepting water.
    People usually are tolerant and helpful to cyclists - they know you are passing through - while those on foot are looked at suspiciously.
    Big drawback - very young can be taken with trailers, but old and/or infirm folks can't go on bikes!

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for bringing out some good points about the viability of bicycles as post-SHTF vehicles. I will be writing more extensively about preparing bicycles and the physical conditioning necessary to use them in my newest book that is in progress.

    Regarding tires, I've had good luck with the Panaracer Pasela Tourguards, which are Kevlar reinforced. Most bike shops can order them or you can find them online. I have yet to have a flat while running them on my touring bike.


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