Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Reviews of Bug Out:

Quite a few readers who asked to be on the list to receive review copies have written to say that they've received the book and really like it.  Some have already posted reviews on Amazon, and others on their own survival-related blogs.  Here are a couple from two such sites that were posted a few days ago.  The first one is from a new blog written by a wife and mother from the perspective of a family dwelling in an apartment in a large city.  I think The Apartment Prepper's Blog has a lot of potential to be of interest to urban preppers everywhere, and I look forward to seeing it develop.  

When I was writing Bug Out, I knew that a large segment of my audience for the material in the book would be among those who live in cities and suburbs and have few options for staying put and no second homes or land in the country to retreat to.

This second review was written by Leon Pantenburg at the excellent resource site: Survival Common Sense.   Leon is an experienced outdoorsman with a lifetime of hunting, fishing and wilderness travel under his belt.  He's been to many of the wilderness areas described in my book, and he's had plenty of opportunities to try out gear and find out what works and what doesn't.



  1. Wow, fast readers! I got mine (both actually) and am about 1/4 of the way through. So far I can say you've done an excellent job, very thorough, and well written.

  2. Hey Mayberry,

    Some of those folks got their copies a good bit sooner than you, so I'll cut you some slack for not finishing it yet! Thanks for the first impression. I can't wait to hear your opinion of the other three quarters of it.

  3. I finished it this morning - GREAT JOB! I really enjoyed it a lot. I sort of glossed over the other regions, as I'm waaaay down there against mouth to Rio Grande, but you pretty much nailed the description spot on of terrain and good / bad points.

    What was cool was it turned out I scored on a Trek 800 mountain bike for very cheap, one of my coworkers selling that and his girlfriends 6300 (I think) for $100. Girlfriends bike needs new front tube - other than that, good to go.

    Have a 3 wheel bike with rack for my son, who has autism issues. Figured that would be a great vehicle to tow trailers as well.

  4. Hi Anon., Glad you liked the book and found it accurate in your region.

    That Trek 800 is a great example of the kind of older rigid frame mountain bike that can be converted to a rugged long-distance touring machine. Good luck with setting all of the bikes up, and I hope you won't need them for anything but fun.


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