Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reasonable Prices for Rifles and Ammo Again

Gabe Suarez recently posted on Warrior Talk News some interesting points about the current prices of rifles and ammo, particularly his favorite weapon, the Kalashnikov.  If you're not familiar with Gabe and his excellent books, DVDs and training courses in the use of Kalashnikov derived rifles I highly recommend you visit his Warrior Talk Forums or his main website, Suarez International

I've found some of the most knowledgeable firearms folks around on the Warrior Talk Forums, and I highly recommend it as a one-stop source for info not only on Gabe's favorite, the AK, but on a wide variety of handguns and rifles suitable for combat and self-defense.  These discussion forums include sub-sections on the AK, the M4/AR-15, Fighting Lever Guns, the SKS, Glocks, Combat Handguns, Bolt-Action Rifles and many others. 

I'm also a big fan of AK rifles, not as something I would carry for a wilderness bug-out situation, but definitely for post-disaster aftermath defensive purposes such as in the wake of Katrina or some similar SHTF situation.  I've mentioned the 7.62 x 39 Saiga here before and will be posting more about it in the future.  The AK has a lot going for it due to simplicity, low-cost, and effectiveness within it's design limits.  Speaking of low-cost, as Gabe points out in his article, you can once again get into the Kalashnikov game for a small investment now that the crazy gun prices of late 2008 and 2009 have settled back down somewhat.  He gives these examples:

Romanian AK-47 GP75 in 7.62x39 - Price about $425
Romanian WASR-10 in 7.62x39 - Price about $370
VZ-2008 (VZ-58 Copy) in 7.62x39 - About $430
Yugoslavian M70 in 7.62x39 - About $465
Bulgarian AK-74 in 5.45x39 - About $330
Polish Tantal in 5.45x39 - About $390 

And ammo:

5.45x39 ammo (7N6) as low as $120 for 1080 rounds
7.62x39 ammo (Wolf) as low as $200 for 1000 rounds

Read the full article here:   How To Get Into The Kalashnikov Game

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