Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazon Has Crashed

I guess this goes to show nothing online is completely dependable.  Amazon.com, one of the world's biggest Internet retail sites, has crashed and is still down as of this writing.  Apparently, this is the second time this month, though I missed it the other occurrence on June 6.  From what I read about that first incident, they apparently don't know what caused it then either.  Maybe the government is trying out the new Internet kill switch - testing it on Amazon first? 

Most of the books and other products linked to from this site are on Amazon, so the links won't work until this is fixed, which hopefully won't be long.  When it does come back up, I hope all the complex interactive parts of the site are still functional, for example the Wish List feature.  As of now, the Shopping Cart and Wish List are both empty.  The weird thing is that sometimes a product (like my book) will come up, but the page has no details, or shows that the item is not available, or that there are no customer reviews yet.  Maybe it will all be intact again when it's back to normal, who knows?

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