Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Storm, Southern Style

This winter has certainly been the coldest I can remember here in south Mississippi in a long time. Tonight the forecast calls for snow - up to 8 or 9 inches along the U.S. Highway 84 corridor where I'm writing from tonight.

If that much does fall as predicted, tomorrow morning will be a rare opportunity for some Deep South winter photography, and I'll probably head out in the woods somewhere with my camera gear.

Meanwhile, panic has set in among the unprepared, fueled by the local media warning people to stock up on supplies, including food, water and yes, even survival kits.  Come on people....  It will snow, the sun will come out, and there will be a slushy mess for a day or two.  Granted, most folks here don't know how to drive on snow and ice, so schools will be closed and people are advised to stay off the roads, with good reason.  But a disaster in the making?  I don't think so, other than the fact that the stores are probably sold out of beer by now.


  1. You think your folks panic at the slightest thing. Down here (extreme south Texas) they open shelters when temperatures get into the 40's (thats not a missprint). It rarely freezes down here (maybe once - twice overnight) and the last Christmas Eve snow in 2004 was the 1st in a 100 years.

    A buncha wussy's here.

  2. This was blown out of proportion as usual. Right now there's about 2 inches on the ground here, and it's still coming down, but I doubt it will accumulate more than 4 inches, and it certainly won't stay around long once the sun comes out.

  3. If you're stores are out of beer then you have a real emergency;)


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