Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's Bug-Out Photo: Sometimes You Need a Boat

A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a great thing to have, but in many parts of the Lower 48, especially the eastern half and outside of mountain regions - rivers, streams and swamps are the key to finding remote, uninhabited areas. A simple boat like a canoe, pirouge or John boat opens up a lot of options that are otherwise unpleasant to travel on foot.


  1. Man, if the bottom turns to mud, that guy had better hope he has SCUBA equipment in that pack. We don't have that problem here, as water courses other than the Rio Grande and irrigation canals are the only signifcant sources of water.

    I guess knowing how to make a poncho raft, or know of an alternative method of making a raft should be a high priority. Better to have the pack on the raft, and be able to negotiate the water without the extra weight on top.

  2. Water between you and the 'enemy' is an excellent barrier. Especially swamp/marsh kind of water. Don't forget the mosquito net though. An inflatable 2 or 4 man raft would be a nice addition to one's 'list' if they have to bug-out on foot with a pack. Or else one could cache some sort of vessel at waters edge.

  3. All good points. Actually, floating the pack or carrying it overhead across a stream makes a lot more sense than wearing it with the straps on. A lot of people have drowned in much shallower water, especially crossing fast mountain streams with a pack on. All it takes is one slip and falling in way to knock yourself unconscious or get pinned under the pack and you drown.

    This is publicity shot of some British guy who is attempting to follow the course of the Amazon on foot - which I would think is impossible. Hopefully he's not really trekking like this up to his chest with loaded pack.

  4. A boat would be pretty darn useful in the South or a coastal region or a place with lots of rivers/ lakes. Less so in the middle of the country.

  5. An excellent one-man raft (there are two-man versions as well) is made by They have been taken into very extreme conditions through most of Alaska and other regions of the world. People have even run the Grand Canyon in them!


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