Monday, May 16, 2011

Oregon Trip and Interview

The Oregon trip went well and I got to do about everything I'd hoped to during the brief time I was there, including driving more than 500 miles all over the northwestern section of the state and hiking in various locations from Silver Falls State Park to the Mt. Hood area and a rugged section of the coast at Ecola State Park.  Here are a few photos I took, but I still have hundreds to go through and edit, as well as some video footage that will take even more time.

Silver Falls State Park:

Mt. Hood:

Ecola State Park:

Those of you who are familiar with Oregon know that this state has no lack of natural beauty and magnificent scenery to enjoy the outdoors in.  But one thing is for sure: despite the rugged topography of this northwestern part of the state, the human population here is dense compared to the areas east of the Cascades and to other western states like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  As I mentioned in my book, Bug Out, Oregon has comparatively few large roadless areas for a western state, but some of those remaining areas that do exist are quite inaccessible and could work as bug-out locations for those prepared to deal with the steep terrain and wet conditions.  Another thing about these dense coniferous forests that was evident even on the relatively short hikes I had time to do, is that game is abundant, evidenced by numerous trails and fresh elk tracks and droppings.  Lots of edible plants abound as well, as these forests are incredible green and lush from all the rainfall they receive.

My interview on AM Northwest, a regional morning show on Portland's ABC station: KATU Channel 2, involved a brief discussion of some of the topics of my book, Getting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived.  There's never enough time in an interview to go into depth about the subject matter of a book - much less in an interview of just over 5 minutes in length.  But the two hosts asked some good questions, particularly the very first question, with regard to the Canadian woman who recently survived 7 weeks stranded in a van in a remote Nevada wilderness.  Again, there wasn't enough time to respond with everything I would have liked to talk about, but the point is that most of the scenarios in my book involve people going out for a day or weekend outing and getting into a situation that could become a matter of life or death because they simply did not take into account the possibility that something could happen to delay their return.  This happens with automobiles, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and any other kind of vehicle that can transport a person rapidly into a remote area, much farther than they would normally be able to travel under human power alone.  The technology then fails them in one way or another - either mechanically or by getting stuck somehow, and then people who only planned to be out for a short time are faced with what could be an ordeal of much longer duration - such as this woman's 7-week stranding that few would have survived. 

The lesson here is prepardness.  If you are always in a state of prepardness wherever you go and whatever you do, you are much less likely to find yourself in one of these situations.  This means having adequate shelter, clothing, food and water to last much longer than your planned adventure.  This is why when I ride my dual sport motorcycle into the woods, paddle a kayak off the coast, or sail away from land on a larger boat, I always have extra supplies for those unexpected delays.  I learned this the hard way many years ago when I first started sea kayaking and paddled 12 miles to a barrier island for an overnight trip.  A strong weather system moved into the area, whipping up seas that made my return impossible, and keeping me stormbound on the island for 4 more days.  I had only taken food for one night, but it was a good island for foraging, so I made out okay until the weather broke and I was able to leave - but it was a lesson I never forgot. 

Here is the interview for those who are interested:


  1. Nice video and interview, Scott. I hope you enjoyed the NorthWest. Looks like the weather was nice while you were there. They asked some good questions.

    Take care,


  2. Scott looks like you had a great time in Oregon. The interview was great too. I used to live in Portland and loved it up there. It is a great place to go and just hike around. Great photo's by the way, I would like to see more if you have them.

  3. Those are some beautiful pictures. Stuff like that makes my wanderlust come out in force... I live on a nice patch of coast, but it can get rather boring after, say... 16 years. Which is how long it's been since I've seen anything other than Florida (more coastal flat land, but with different plants, as you know). I love mountains. Too bad they're two days' drive from here...

  4. BadVooDooDaddy, I do have lots more photos. I'll posting them on a new photo site at some point. I'm in the process of rearranging part of my website and recently shut down my photo gallery site to start over.

    Craig, I know what you mean. I like any coast but it's always good to see some different scenery. Places like Oregon where you have both mountains and seashore are about as spectacular as you can get. But speaking of mountains, you're not too awful far from the Big Bend area of Texas. I would think that would be a good getaway for you. I love the desert almost as much as the sea.

  5. Sounds to me like you had a great time in Oregon. The pictures are great. I used to live in Portland and it was such a beautiful place with so many different places to go for outdoor adventure. Glad you had a good time Scott.

  6. I bought your second book and liked it. Previously, I bought "Bug out." One copy for my professional library, one for my daughter who is moving to Southern California. Both worth the money and I appreciate your time and effort.


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