Monday, May 14, 2012

Ruger 10/22 Take-Down Version

One of the all-time most popular posts here on Bug Out Survival is the piece I wrote back in 2010 on some of my ideas and modifications for fitting a Ruger 10/22 into a bug-out bag.  The reason is obvious: the Ruger 10/22 has long been a favorite in a semi-automatic carbine of this caliber, and because of it's great reliability record and aftermarket support, many people planning to carry a .22 long gun as part of their bug-out equipment would prefer to have this model over most choices out there.

The 10/22 is a compact carbine even in its standard configuration, and even more so with a 16-inch barrel, but until recently, if you wanted to conceal it completely inside the average backpack or bug-out bag, you needed to either fit a bulky and somewhat heavier aftermarket folding stock, or take the receiver out of the stock as I described in the above-mentioned post.  I've carried the 10/22 both ways on various wilderness trips.  Folding stocks such as the Butler Creek model I used completely change the balance and feel of the weapon, and add a lot of bulk inside the pack when folded.  Taking the standard rifle apart works, but does entail some risk of losing internal parts if you're not careful, and takes a lot more time than simply folding a stock.

The new take-down version of the 10/22 brings a whole new reason to choose this weapon, as you can now have one of the best semi-auto .22 carbines in existence with the packability of other take-down models such as the Marlin Papoose and Henry AR-7.

Here's a video introduction to this new 10/22 model that shows just how easily it can be taken apart and put back together:

For serious packing of a bug-out bag, I would certainly lose the bulky, fitted backpack it comes with, though this may be a handy way to carry it in other situations such as in a vehicle or boat.  I haven't picked up one of these yet, but for $300 I probably will and look forward to comparing it to my other 10/22 rifles.


  1. I'm a big fan of 10/22s as well. I think this is a great option and was smart of Ruger to capatilize on. I wonder if the smaller Youth model will gain this option in the future as well ?

    I may give this one a try but I'll wait a bit, hoping the price will come down some. Then again, with election year shenanigans going on, maybe the price will escalate.

  2. Hey Scott, great post. Been waiting for someone to post about this rifle. I have been looking at this recently as an easier way to transport as well as add to my BOB.

    Have you played with a take down version yet?

  3. Gotta get one! I love 10-22s and this would be real handy!


  4. One can never have to many 10/22s and having one that is ready to "bugout" is awesome. Thanks Ruger for thinking of us!

  5. Yeah this puppy just makes sense. I saw a guy do a review on them a few months back, but had kind of forgotten about it.

    Add it to the list of "must haves" :)

    Thanks Scott

  6. Carrying a rifle concealed is a 5 year felony here in Florida, even for those with a concealed weapons permit, except in very limited circumstances mostly involving vehicles. I imagine the law is similar in most states.

    Walking down the street wearing a pack with the Ruger logo on it is like wearing a sign saying "Arrest me."

  7. First of all the Ruger pack should be out of site second if a shtf scenario hits the last thing you would be worried about is being arrested

  8. Great, I have 2 of the regular 10/2s and now I need 2 of these! Ruger is awesome. I will probably carry it when I hike as well with my boys.

  9. Have a 10/22 take down and agree that is is a great addition to a bug out kit. I also have on lay away purchase a Henry Golden Boy, lever action 22 rifle. One of the main reasons I wanted on is the brand name and the fact that you can load the tube with 22 shorts, 22 regulars and 22 long rifle. With the availability of 22 ammo, it is nice to have options.
    The Chief


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