Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview on SHTFM Radio

I spent an interesting two hours yesterday evening talking with Johnny and Lumpy on their SHTFM Are You Prepared Radio Show.  These guys asked some good questions and brought up some great points, so we ended up discussing a wide range of topics related to bugging out and the survival mindset, as well as my background of adventuring that eventually led to the books I have written and am currently working on.  You can listen to it at any time by clicking on the player below:

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  1. Excellent show Scott. Always nice to hear you speak. You cover a lot of good stuff.

  2. Hello Scott,

    I was a true pleasure having you on the show.
    This is Johnny from the show.

    You are welcome back anytime, and if you ever get any free time you are welcome to start your own show on our station if you would like.

    Anytime you would like to come back on the show just get a hold of me or lumpy we would be glad to talk to you.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help us educate the public just a little more.



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