Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 50 Survival Blogs: A Useful List

I recently received an email from Bryan at notifying me of an interesting list he has compiled of the Top 50 Survival Blogs he has uncovered from around the web.  The list can be viewed by clicking the link above or this banner, a small version of which I have placed permanently in the sidebar at the bottom of this page:

Needless to say, I was pleased to learn that Bug Out Survival made the list, even though I haven't been around as long as many of the more well-known bloggers established in this subject area.  Survival Top 50 ranks blogs based on things like their Google page rank, Alexa ranking, and Yahoo Inlinks.  Since these things change all the time, a particular blog's rank on this list will fluctuate.  Bug Out Survival was ranked at No. 27 today.  Of course, that most popular survival blog of all, JWR's Survival Blog, is right up there at No. 1, followed closely by The Survivalist Blog. Check out the list for yourself and see how many of your favorite blogs are there.  Most of those in my blog list on this page are included, but through this list I have also discovered some new ones I didn't know about, and maybe you will too.

Here is what Bryan has to say about how the blogs on this list are chosen and how they are ranked:

For Readers
These are the top 50 blogs in the survival niche. By keeping their blogs up to date with news, ideas, and fresh and valuable content they provide you with the very best survival information. Share this list with everyone you know who is interested in learning survival.

For Advertisers
The top 50 survival bloggers are some of the most influential in the survival niche. Getting your name and product in front of these survival bloggers and their audiences can bring increased awareness of your company and bring additional sales. If these guys don’t know who you are then you need to let them know!

For Bloggers
These are your friends. These are people as dedicated to learning and sharing information about survival as you are. The SurvivalTop50 lets you quickly see how your blog ranks compared to your peers. Oh yeah, and we hope the SurvivalTop50 sends you tons of traffic!

How are the survival blogs ranked?
The entire ranking is objective and for fun. The real goal of SurvivalTop50 is to bring exposure to great survival bloggers. However to make them rank we show Feedburner for fun and doesn’t affect rank, and then alexa, yahoo, and google each get 10 points towards a total of 30. The better your blog does in the eyes of google, yahoo, and alexa, the better you will rank here.


  1. Thanks for this post - always good to expand your knowledge base.

    Any word when release date of your new book will be? I remember February, but my memory gets fuzzy every now and again.

  2. February 1 is the official release date, but I don't know exactly when it will be available. Should be shortly after the 1st. though.

  3. Much obliged for the information.

  4. I would say this list is a joke....I saw that Survival Cache ( is ranked 57th and they put this Survival site "Code Name" at #23 but this site hasn't been updated in over a year and it is seriously cheesy. I emailed and they said that they have never even heard of this list before. The worst part is that they put #6 Red Alerts - this guy is just re-posting other news from other outlets. Not a real survival site. Seriously, can someone make a better list and post it. Then we can really rank these Survival sites and show people what they really need to be following. I would recommend that you remove this post and not drawn attention to some seriously flawed ranking system.

  5. Anonymous,January 30: You're right to point out that some very good blogs like Survival Cache are missing from this list. And perhaps some of those that are included are not active or particularly useful. This is one person's list and the rankings are based on things like Google page rank rather than reader's reviews of the sites. Still, the list will be useful to some readers as a way to find blogs they might not have known about and to see how some of the most popular blogs are ranked in the search engines. I'll post again asking my readers here to write in to tell us all about their favorite survival sites/blogs and why they like them. That should be an interesting discussion.

  6. These blogs, etc., dealing with survival are all very good, and yet basic. Weapons of my choice, based on actual combat experience in the jungle, differ from what I've read within these articles. Additionally, my brother and I have been compiling a contingency plan covering pretty much whats in this survival article. But I think you may want to address a more "touchy" subject, (which I have), and that is the possibility of dealing with a person, with your, (my), their group, that becomes a problem. I,m talking about a person who can't get it straight. Who creates division, a weak link, a trouble maker, someone who jeprodizes the entire group. This topic is leadership. Who is or who are the leaders. What means of team work and group working together for the same thing....survival. Simply, dealing with a person who may have originally started with you but now is a constant, "non-team player". Think about this and maybe you can respond with your thoughts. I have mine, clear and directly to the point!


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