Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Title Change for Could You Survive?

There's been a last-minute title change to my soon-to-be-released book that was to be called: Could You Survive? 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Got Out Alive.  Changes like this are somewhat common in the publishing world and as an author I've learned not to get too attached to a particular title or things like a cover design.  The content of the book remains unchanged, and that's the part that's important to me.  Those in the business of marketing and selling books know more about choosing titles than me anyway, but this change comes at the request of one of the larger bookstore chains.  These retain chains carry a lot of weight in this business as their initial orders have a lot to do with a book's success or failure and I've been pleased to see that Bug Out has been doing quite well in the bookstores as well as on Amazon.

At any rate, the new title is similar:  Getting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived.  Here's the new front cover image, and also the back cover image, which I saw for the first time today.  The changes should be updated on Amazon in a few days, and the finalized version of the book has been sent off to the printer and should be available next month as planned, though I don't know exactly what day.

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

For those readers here who also have your own related blogs or websites and may be interested in seeing this book early, my publisher will soon have advance e-galley copies available for your review.  Contact me with a link to your site to be put on the list.


  1. Congratulations on your success of previous book, it was definitely earned. Hope your new book sells as well. Thats a great picture of a crash landed aircraft btw - that stormy background adds to it.

  2. The title and cover art look great!

    I'm looking forward to the new book, Scott - I'm sure you're in crunch-mode with the publishers (last minute edits, etc.) right now!

  3. Scott, congratulations on this new book! I love the title and will look forward to reading it. I love a good survival book!

  4. Hey Scott, I'm just about finishing up on your last book right now but put me on the list I would be more than happy to review it for you. So far the last one is great, I will try to post a review on that one soon also.

    Rob http://offgridsurvival.com


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