Thursday, July 13, 2017

Feral Nation Series: A New Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

I am in the process of finishing up the first book in a new survival fiction series that I think readers of this blog and my other novels will relate to. Set in America in the near future, this series of stories will deal with a collapse scenario caused by coordinated terror attacks, riots and widespread civil unrest. Considering the situation that is unfolding in Europe now and potentially spreading, I think this type of SHTF scenario is more likely than the solar EMP collapse I have written about in my previous novels.

Regardless of the premise though, these books will be full of action and adventure as the main character navigates the dangers of a country torn by anarchy in an attempt to find his ex-wife and daughter he left behind while fighting the wars in Europe. Here is the cover for the first book: Feral Nation - Infiltration, with the description below. It is available for preorder on Amazon now, and will be released in the Kindle edition and paperback early next month:


In the near future, a nation is in peril as anarchy spreads in the wake of coordinated attacks by foreign and domestic terrorists. The growing civil unrest and insurrection in the aftermath forces those in power to enact harsh countermeasures in an effort to maintain order and security. Battles between dissident factions rage in the streets from coast-to-coast as many cities and towns become war zones. Travel and communications are severely restricted, food and fuel supplies disappear, and the economy teeters on the brink of collapse...

Professional security contractor, Eric Branson, has been plying his trade overseas, fighting the ongoing insurgencies raging across Europe, when he realizes America faces the same fate. Before he can make his way home to south Florida, a powerful hurricane deals the final blow to an infrastructure already ravaged by burning and looting, leaving survivors cut off and on their own. It is here amid the death and destruction that Eric begins his search for those he left behind, and here that his warrior skills will be tested as never before.


  1. Cool. I thought some type of 'Slate Wiper' disease will be the 'Nail in the Coffin'. Terrorists and rogue nations that have access to high tech weapons are now more than likely going to be making headlines very soon.

    Looking forward to the hard print edition of your new book series.

    1. Thanks. The list of possible scenarios is long and it's hard to say which is more likely to happen, or if any of them will.

      The series, like my Pulse and Darkness After series, will be more about how the characters respond and adapt than the scenario itself.

  2. FINALLY got around to ordering the book at Barnes & Noble, looking forward to reading it. My book buying of late has been very slow - no time to read for fun.

    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! Book 2 of the series will be released a week from Tuesday, on December 12.


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