Saturday, June 10, 2017

What does your EDC consist of?

I mentioned in my last post that I had some upcoming product reviews to share with you. Most of these are EDC (everyday carry) items essential for day-to-day tasks and the unexpected dangers you may encounter as you go about your business.

Being prepared to deal with direct threats is one of the things I want to focus on in future posts, and with that in mind some of the topics I will cover will include self defense and personal weapons and the carry and concealment systems to support them.

I have been testing an excellent gun belt from DaltechForce for the past couple of months and for at least a couple of years I've carried my Glock 19 in a Suarez NPE holster. The combination of a waterproof, no stretch, sturdy belt and the minimalist Kydex NPE holster is perfect for the heat and humidity here in the Deep South, where in the summer shorts and T-shirts are often everyday attire.

Reviews on both of those items are coming soon, as well as some of my favorite EDC blades.

Tomorrow, I will be publishing a guest post from Matt Keyes of, who shares his thoughts on small, ultralight folding EDC blades.

What is your EDC knife? You do have one, right? What about your favorite CCW? How do you carry it?

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  1. My choice of EDC blade is boring - SAK Huntsman, which is a bit bulky carried in pocket but has quite a few tools which works in both workplace and rurals. My only complaint with it is having a corkscrew vs. a good philips screwdriver blade - I'd gladly switch that tool out.


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