Friday, February 20, 2015

Sailing the Apocalypse on Destiny Survival Radio

I had another interesting conversation with John Wesley Smith recently, this time discussing my latest novel, Sailing the ApocalypseA Misadventure at Sea. John has posted his thoughts about the book in a review on his website: Destiny Survival.

I was pleased to hear that John liked the story a lot, and found it entertaining. My main purpose in writing it was to entertain, but if you take something more from it, that's good too. Here's an excerpt from John's review:

"I believe Scott has hit upon something much bigger than telling an entertaining tale. It has to do with our attitude toward the world as it is and how we will prepare to face what’s coming. Will we see an instantaneous collapse? Or will it be a slow burn? And, most importantly, how should we respond?"

You can read the full review here: And you can listen to the interview here:


  1. Do you have a time frame on when a hard copy will (if ever) be printed ? I prefer hard copies.

  2. Yes, the paperback version is available now. It was released in January, along with the ebook version. If you click the book cover link up at the top left of this page, where it says "Just Release" it will take you to the Amazon product page for the paperback.

    1. Awesome - I should have checked this myself - appreciate the quick reply. I'll go and bug Barnes & Noble and buy a copy.

    2. Thanks. Just a heads up regarding Barnes & Noble though; they won't have copies in stock in their stores, but they can order it for you through their system, or you can order it direct through their online store,


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