Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interview Tomorrow on Destiny Survival Radio

I'll be talking with John Wesley Smith on his Destiny Survival Radio show again tomorrow.  We'll spend an hour discussing a variety of topics, and especially how works of fiction can sometimes be more effective than nonfiction in opening the eyes of those who might not otherwise take an interest in prepping or survival topics.  I've had a lot of comments to this effect already since the release of The Pulse, especially among some of my own friends and family who could not really relate to books like Bug Out and may perceive interest in such topics as fanatical.  Reading a fictional story of an unfolding SHTF scenario sheds a whole new light on the matter though, and people can start to visualize how such an event could really happen.

You can join us tomorrow (Thursday, July 26) at 1:00pm CDT right here on the embedded player, or listen in later anytime you like after the show:

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And here's a link to a newspaper review written by a friend with the perspective mentioned above - a seasoned outdoorsman and experienced adventurer, but not a person who considers himself to be a survivalist:

For a review from the perspective of a prepper and survivalist, here's Jim Cobb's take on the book from his blog, Survival Weekly:  Jim will soon be a fellow Ulysses Press author, with his own book: Prepper's Home Defense coming out in October.


  1. Hey where are you Scott or anyone else for that matter?

  2. Anon II here - I check in as well, Mr. Williams must be busy. Plenty of stuff to reread and relearn.

  3. Thanks for checking in. Sorry about the lack of posting here. I hope to get back to it soon. Yes, I am busy. I have three book projects in the works.


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