Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming in July: THE PULSE: A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid

Most regular readers here know that I was working on a novel over the last few months since Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters was released.  Some of you may have already seen the book's Amazon page, but if not, here's a preview of the front and back covers.  I'll post more detailed information about this book here soon.  In the meantime, if you'd like a preview, the "Look Inside This Book" feature has been enabled on Amazon, so you can read the opening scenes and see if you'd like to read more.  The book should be available in print and Kindle form early next month.

From the back cover:


As massive solar flares bombard the Earth, an intense electromagnetic pulse instantly destroys the power grid throughout North America. Within hours, desperate citizens panic and anarchy descends. Surrounded by chaos, Casey Drager, a student at Tulane University, must save herself from the havoc in the streets of New Orleans. Casey and two of her friends bug out to the dangerous backwaters of Mississippi where they are forced to use their survival skills to seek refuge and fight for their lives.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Casey’s father, Artie, finds himself cut off and stranded. His Caribbean sailing vacation has turned into every parent’s nightmare. Warding off pirates and tackling storms, Artie uses the stars to guide him toward his daughter.

The Pulse is a compelling action-adventure novel that reveals what it would take to survive in a world lit only by firelight, where all the rules have changed and each person must fend for himself.


  1. Awesome, always room for interesting fiction. From the books I've read of yours, they always have something worth knowing - I will look it up! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I am very excited to read this! I have been following your Wharram build as well as this blog since I read On Island time.

    Just pre-ordered the kindle version, cant wait until July 10 for some good summer reading.

  3. Hi Jon,

    Good to hear from you again! I hope you like the book. Hope you're getting in a lot of sailing too.

  4. Book reads well, looking forward to it. However I did some research on EMP after reading one minute after and even if the world got hit with a CME twice as large as the 1859 super flare, the effects would be erratic. There would be regions of the world not effected at all and others would be slammed by emp effects. Nature is never neat. It wouldnt be as if a switch were flipped. I do agree that all satellites would be roasted though.

  5. Hi Anonymous, I do hope you enjoy it when you get to read the rest of it. You're certainly right that nature is never neat and no one really knows what the effects of an ultimate super flare would be. I don't spend a lot of time in the story dwelling on the science of the event. The characters for the most part are left guessing what happened, and are more concerned with their immediate survival needs. I just wanted to tell a story that places mostly ordinary people in an extreme situation of unknown duration, showing how they might cope with it and exploring some of the dangers and challenges they might face.

  6. Looking forward to reading the book. My wife and I have read and reviewed a number of book in this genre. I'm glad that you've decided to focus on the immediate survival needs of the group and the group dynamics. The later, in my opinion, is much more important than might first appear.



  7. The best ingredients--survival and voyaging!

    Looking forward to it Scott. Just starting reading the Caribbean intro on Amazon preview, but gotta get back to work! :-)

    I'll pass the word along!

  8. Joe,

    Thanks. Hope you like the way the story plays out.


    A review copy is on its way to you already.

  9. Well down loaded it today to my Kindle. Have to finish reading WWZ first, but I am really looking forward to reading it based on all the positive reviews on Amazon

  10. 3rdman, Thanks for the download. I hope you enjoy the book!


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