Friday, July 8, 2011

Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters Update

I finished the actual writing of the new book, Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters last Friday and it is now in the hands of the editors and soon to go into production for a planned release in September. This book covers a lot of ground, which is why it took awhile to put together.  There are nine chapters on specific categories of vehicles and two chapters on fixed shelters that could be assembled or built in place at the bug-out location in advance.  The book is divided into four parts:  Escape Vehicles, Mobile Retreats, Alternative and Back-up Vehicles, and Fixed Retreats.

Some of the categories covered in the first three parts are illustrated in these photos, and while a few pictures may not be worth 78,000 words, they might give you an idea of what to expect.  I'll post more specific details on the content of the book closer to the publication date.  Meanwhile, I'm going to be hard at work on the next book project, which is a work of survival/apocalyptic fiction.


  1. Awesome news, I'm betting your wrist is screaming 'carpel tunnel' right about now, I look forward to reading this one. Always thought this topic is long overdue.

  2. Scott, I am so excited for the release of this book. I have done reviews on your two other books and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one. I would also like to see if you would sign my other books. I really like your work and hope to see more come out on the survival/preparedness side of things. I will have to let my readers know that things are in the pipelines and should be ready in September.

  3. Anonymous: Yes, the pain in the wrist never gets a chance to heal these days! I think you're right that this topic is overdue in book form, and there seems to be a lot of interest in it.

    BadVooDooDaddy: I'll be glad to sign your books, just send me an email and we can work something out. For you and other prepardness bloggers who are interested, review copies of the new book will be available.

  4. Hey Scott can you make sure I get put on the review copy list I would really appreciate it.

  5. Looking forward to reading it.... I keep meaning to do a review of your last Bug Out book which was excellent and probably one of the best books I've read on the topic.

  6. Aloha From San Diego Scott!

    I've been thinking lately of my bug out plan for me and my family and have realized that getting out of this desert and away from the mass amounts of people in a SHTF scenario would be very tough and possibly dangerous by a car/truck/van/RV. I feel like we'd need to travel a good 600-800 miles to get to a well watered area with lower populations. I've come to the conclusion of purchasing a sail boat that I could moor in SD bay. It's a 20min drive from my home and work, I can store 150-200 gals of fresh water, 100 gals of diesel, and enough dried and can goods for a long while. I'm a ex-coastguard certified boat captain and very comfortable on the water. Where would you go if you were in San Diego, CA? Would you consider sailing as a good way North? I appreciate your time.


  7. Hi kwgbright,

    I think in your location a well-stocked bluewater sailboat would be an excellent option. You could head west across the ocean to the islands or most anywhere you care to go. Sailing north up the California coast is difficult, depending on the season, and may be best accomplished by heading to Hawaii first because of the prevailing winds and currents. I recommend lots of reading and study as you prepare for this, and then spending as much time as you can on the boat learning seamanship and navigation before you need it in an emergency.

  8. Thanks Scott!

    I absolutely agree that lots of study and time on-board would be essential to surviving at sea for any amount of time. In my time as a boat captain I hated traveling North. It was always a rough go. I'm not so sure about heading to Hawaii in a SHTF situation. Tacking up the coast would be my choice over the long haul to my homeland.

  9. Dear Scott,
    I purchased Bug-Out some time back and found it FACINATING! Excellent work. I previewed your latest about vehicles Amazon and am hooked, as this is a subject near and dear to me (I have been a consulting engineer for military and civilian vehicle mobility and performance for over 35 years).

    I am anxious to get my scarred and grubby fingers on it....

    Best regards,


  10. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment. I hope you like the new book when you get a chance to read it.

  11. What about a Baja bug????

  12. Hello Scott,

    I just happened upon your site, while doing some research on BUGOUT Transportation. My question is there anyone building or customizing Bugout Vehicles as a Business. Not a real hands on guy with Auto Repairs and modifications. But I've got a little cash to spend on this item on my getting ready before the SHTF to-do-list.


  13. You can get something pretty close to ready-made, depending on your needs. Look into the Clydesdale 4WD van conversions as well as the Sportsmobile as shown on the cover of my book.

  14. Some folks down here make a hunting vehicle that might fit you desert folk. They buy an old Suburban (4WD preferably) and remove the doors for ease of entry and windows as well. Sometimes cut a hole in rear roof for shooting while standing up.

    Definitely nothing for road, they are left at ranches full time for boot scooting around.


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