Thursday, August 19, 2010

Current Book Project Now Listed on Amazon:

Now that the book I'm currently working on has a page on Amazon complete with the preliminary cover image, I can give you a hint as to what it's about:

There will be a subtle change to the title and sub-title, as discussed with my publisher, but this is close.  Unlike Bug Out, this book will not be a guide or how-to, but should be entertaining reading to anyone interested in the subject of survival.  The scenarios presented here will cover a wide range of predicaments that others have lived through and that you might find yourself in as well, especially if you are the adventurous sort.

Here's a brief description from the publisher:

During a catastrophic event, what separates those who survive from those who are never seen again? In 13 suspenseful adventures, each a story of overcoming impossible odds, the author reveals the three vital ways to cheat death when all seems lost—avoid panic, know your survival skills, and maintain a relentless determination to make it out alive.

A unique combination of fictional scenarios, true accounts, and instructive sidebars,
Would You Survive? educates as it entertains. Readers realize how important it is to suppress the natural panic response that produces bad decisions and often fatal outcomes.

Teaching by example, the characters use real-life survival tactics—including navigating, building shelters, finding water, and signaling for help. Scattered throughout the book, bonus profiles recount true survivor stories that illustrate how the determination to live in the bleakest and most devastating conditions has saved the lives of countless people.

The scenarios range from urban disasters to wilderness ordeals in many different environments.  And of course for the the readers of this blog and Bug Out, one of them will be a "bug-out" situation.  Needless to say, this is a big project and I'm working hard to get it done in time to meet the publication date.  I'll be posting more about it here as publication gets closer, as well as some posts about the types of predicaments that will be discussed in the book and how you could end up in one. 


  1. Cool - man, I'm going to have to build another bookshelf. :^) What you may want to consider is having a list of bulletted items at end of each chapter, with short recap of important points. Not redundant, and easy to memorize for the reader.

    I've been known to highlight important points in books, just so to call attention to read and memorize this.

    Congratulations on closing in on this project - hope its another winner.

  2. Thanks. Good point about the recap of important points. That's something I had already planned to include. There will essentially be a sidebar of the 10 most important considerations for survival in each particular scenario, just for a quick reference.

    The real-life accounts of those who have lived through (and some who did not) each situation will also prove valuable as well as make for interesting reading. I know I've found the research fascinating, especially searching out all these accounts.

  3. Scott,

    I'm looking forward to the publication! This subject has so much material that can't possibly make it into the book, the best experience was probably witnessed by you, the author, but there must be a HUGE amount of work distilling everything into a readable package!

  4. Dustin,

    You're absolutely right. There are so many possibilities with this concept that deciding what to include and what to leave out is a real challenge. I have to just make decisions at each stage and go with them. It is a lot of work, which is one reason I don't post more often here. But I'm enjoying it and learning a lot as well.

  5. Scott - Sounds great, I am looking forward to picking it up and reading. Great stuff!

  6. Jack, Hope you like it when you get a copy. The publication date is set for February, but there is some possibility it will be sooner.

    Survival Chick, Thanks!

  7. Scott, the new book sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it!


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