Monday, April 26, 2010

Swamp Time

I've been running short on time for getting out in the woods and for posting here lately, with all the work I've had to do getting started on the new book I'll be writing this summer, as well as finalizing details with my editor on Bug Out, which is now out of my hands and in the process of being printed.  I did manage to spend some quality swamp time yesterday, however, poking around an old oxbow lake off the Pearl River with my camera.  There's no doubt that some of the best bug-out hideaways to be found in Mississippi are located in these river bottom swamps.  Here's a few shots from yesterday:

These lakes with standing tupelo and cypress are full of fish and other aquatic wildlife, like this young gator who never bothered to leave his perch on a partially-submerged log the whole time I watched and photographed him. Where there are babies, there's got to be a big mama around somewhere, but I didn't see her.  This little guy is about three feet long.

Swamps like these are magical places - cool and shady even in the middle of the day.  I love camping in these places too, especially when traveling by canoe.  I hope it won't be long before I can take a few days off to do that again. 


  1. I'm jealous... I got to run the Pascagoula River a bit while I was stationed there, and I could get my P.O.S. old boat running. Thoroughly enjoyable. Four more days 'til I can get back on my boat project....

  2. Very sharp pictures sir - good camera technique! I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable in a swamp at night, but it sure does look like fish would definitely be on the menu.

  3. Mayberry, the Pascagoula and it's tributaries are among my favorite places on Earth. I hope you get on that boat soon. I've been working on mine a little, bit-by-bit.

    Anon, Thanks for the photo compliments. I enjoy experimenting with it. Swamps are not so bad at night once you get used to 'em and learn what all the sounds are.


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