Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anyone Willing to Demonstrate Skills/Retreat Location Planning for a TV Show?

I've done several interviews over the phone lately, both with print journalists and television producers working on stories related to survivalist in general and SHTF prepping - both from the bugging-out and bugging-in perspective.  There's an unprecedented interest in these subjects, as readers here obviously know.

One of the more interesting phone calls I got was from a producer in California who is working on a show for one of the major cable television channels.  (These people find me through the hard work of the publicist at Ulysses Press - thanks Karma!  That's one of the benefits of having a book published through an outfit that really knows what they're doing when it comes to marketing and publicity.)

Back to this specific show:  this particular producer is interesting in going on location with a film crew to see how a skilled and knowledgeable group of preppers selects a location to bug-out (or bug-in) to, and would to interview said survivalists for the purpose of showing this interesting and growing segment of current American culture.  Anyone participating in the project will remain anonymous and any retreat/hide-out  locations will not be revealed on the show in a way that will compromise security.  Naturally, many of the prospects he has spoken with are hesitant, but I think it would be interesting as well as informative to less knowledgeable viewers.  I was assured that anyone portrayed on this show will not be cast in any negative light or made-out to be weirdo survivalist freaks.  That's not the point of this at all - unlike something the typical news media producer might attempt.

Being more of a lone wolf who tends to do my own thing on my own time, I'm not part of any network or group of preppers, even of the bug-out variety.  But the producer of this show is very much interested in bringing me in on it as well, if we can find an interesting place with a few good folks who don't mind showing what they've done to prep.  It doesn't matter where you're located, so long as it's in the U.S. Lower 48.

So if any of you reading this are not afraid of the camera and would like to share some knowledge with larger segment of the broader public, please contact me and let me know what you've got.  I feel like this is a worthwhile project and if I didn't believe knowledge was for sharing, I wouldn't be writing here at all.

Go to the contact page or just email me directly.


  1. Meh... I want nothing to do with those leeches.

  2. Mayberry,

    Figured you would say that. But I stress.... These are not media types and are not affiliated with the government or anything like that. This is a documentary to run on A&E. Think of it as your chance to do your very on "Man vs. Wild" or "Survivorman" episode. Hell, you can even keep your Texas accent.

  3. I'll still pass, thanks all the same. I got too much to do without fooling around with a bunch of Hollyweirds, regardless of where they come from. The excrement is fast approaching the atmosphere accelerator...

  4. I hear ya. Well, hopefully we will be able to put something together. I did another phone interview today with a lady who is working on a show about prepping for a French television station. The interest in the subject matter is definately heating up.

  5. I would be interested. probably too late now, but I am also located in Vancouver Canada, so probably not an option.


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